Having a problem with Renegade Rubies? This page should have the solution to your problem. If not, feel free to contact me. Solutions to specific levels are not on this page.

General Hints

If you're stuck, try looking at what gems are blocking the exit, then figure out how to get the gems needed to clear the exit over there.

Experiment! The Reload button can be used as often as you want without penalty. Sometimes the solution becomes clear only after gems have been pushed around and the level looks different.

Levels often try to suggest incorrect solutions. For example, some levels put matching gems close to each other to make it obvious that you can have them destroy each other, when the actual solution involves using them elsewhere in the level against other gems. Think outside the box!

If you're truly stuck, try skipping to a later level. The solution may come to you after you've had time to think about other things.

Alternatively, try going back to earlier levels that you may have skipped before. New gameplay concepts and mechanics are usually introduced in very simple levels to help train you.


Your character is controlled via swipes across the screen. Swiping left causes him to move left, swiping up causes him to move up, etc. These swipes must be done as distinct actions. In a given swipe you could move left or up, but not both.

Your character can push gems, but cannot pull them. He can only push a gem if there is an empty square ahead of it to push it to.

The Level Menu

Use the level menu to choose the level you wish to play. Levels marked with question marks are locked and cannot be played until you've beaten more levels. Levels you've beaten are market with a green checkmark badge.

To play a level, tap the level you wish to play, then tap the Play button in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Beating levels unlocks later levels. In fact, beating a given level doesn't just unlock the next level, it unlocks the next three levels. If you get stuck in a level, you can play a different level and come back later.